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As mentioned above, Lucy Morgan herself had Reflexology to help her deal with a great deal of stress and tension in her previous career as a lawyer.

One of the most common reasons for ill health is stress involving the daily pressures of life. Reflexology is especially good for stress related problems as it provides an excellent way of relieving stress and tension. Some stress is positive as it helps us to work hard but too much stress puts the immune system under pressure. We are all affected by stress in different ways, which results in various illnesses such as digestive problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety and weakening of the immune system. These illnesses occur because that area of the body becomes blocked preventing it from working as efficiently. By applying pressure in that area through reflexology it releases tension held in the organs and breaks down toxins causing the blockage allowing the body to return to optimal working order. Although reflexology cannot prevent stress it can help us cope better and promote relaxation improving physical and mental health thereby preventing further illness. Another benefit of reflexology is that it is deeply relaxing. It is restful and provides valuable time out for those who are stressed and can provide the same benefits as that of a full body massage.

Stress can effect:-

  • Accuracy of work produced

  • Efficiency of work force

  • Negative effect on decision making and creativity

  • Cause tiredness and irritability

  • Weakens the immune system bringing about illness causing absenteeism.

The Market and Opinion Research (MORI –, an independent market research company based in the UK, conducted a survey where stress was cited as having a negative effect on the health of over a third of the working population (amounting to approximately 8.5 million people). It is estimated that up to 75% of all illness is stress related.

Stress is therefore a very real problem in today’s working environment causing businesses huge financial losses via many direct and indirect effects of negative stress.

With the pressures of making and maintaining a successful business in this day and age the tendency is to over work and over load employees, getting the job done with limited overheads is the most common and necessary approach. Spiraling demands on workers at any level will have a negative impact on both business and their health. Although it is important to note that no individual or organization will ever be one hundred per cent stress free and in fact moderate stress levels are essential for motivation, inspiration and instrumental in achieving dynamic adaptation to new situations. However having an outlet for the increasing negative stress is imperative for achieving stable and consistent performance.

In Scandinavia most progressive companies have therapists who regularly support the staff with sessions reflexology, which has resulted in companies in Denmark employing reflexologists.

The UK work the longest hours in Europe and could benefit in taking the same approach. The UK’s working hours have been reported as follows:-

“Britons are among the hardest-working people in Europe, with only Romanians and Bulgarians putting in longer hours” Daily Telegraph, 4 September 2008

“Workaholic Britons toil longer every week than any other nation in the developed world” Metro, 7 June 2007

“UK staff work longest hours in Europe, with some employees putting in more than 70 hours a week, according to research” Personnel Today, 9 August 2005

What the stats say

Longest hours worked in Europe (31 countries surveyed)

1 Turkey: 54 hours; 29 UK: 35 hours (EU average: 39 hours)

Percentage of people who work more than 48 hours

1 Turkey: 58%; 21 UK: 13% (EU average: 15%)

All figures taken from the Fourth European Working Conditions Survey, 2007 (approximately 30,000 people questioned)

Is it no wonder therefore that 360 million working days are lost in absenteeism. The stresses in the modern work environment are immense and when people are under pressure the body is unable to cope with healing effectively.

Businesses can take a positive step to put initiatives in place for workplace well being. As the saying goes “a business is only as good as it’s people” so by investing in the health and wellbeing of your work force at any level you are in fact investing in the success and future of your business. By taking care of the wellbeing of your workforce you are bringing about the following changes:-

  • Staff feel they are being treated with respect and a caring attitude.

  • Increases morale, satisfaction and loyalty of staff.

  • Reduces sickness and absenteeism.

  • Enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy

  • Improced creativity, planning and decision making.

  • Better relationships amongst staff and between staff and management.

  • The ability of staff to cope more effectively under pressure.

  • Speedy recovery and return to work after illness, accident or surgery

  • Pain relief for stress related conditions such as headaches and migraines etc/

  • Enhanced staff resilience and resistance to infection and disease.

  • Optimum care for your staff by complementing conventional medicne.

The benefits of reflexology can be made available to your staff in anumber of different ways, depending on the degree of input your organisation wishes to have – from simply helping staff to become aware of the help that reflexology can offer, to providing subsidised treatments in-house for your employees.

Options include:-

  • Staff could be encouraged to attend for a course of treatment, and incentives could be offered by the organisation to enable them to attend regularly.

  • Working times could be made flexible to accommodate daytime treatment sessions for staff who wishes to participate or treatments could take place after working hours.

  • A room could be made available within your premises from which a practitioner can work.

  • Employees can be fully responsible for the cost of their own treatyment or treatment can be subsidies in part or in full by the organisation.

If you are interested in enhancing the wellbeing of your employees and your business please contact Lucy Morgan who will be delighted to offer a free consultation and to suggest a suitable scheme tailored to your circymstances. Lucy Morgan is fully trained and certified to a high standard and works to strict Codes of Practice and Ethics. She has full commitment to delviering excellent customer service and is fully insured against Public Liability and Malpractice claims for your total peace of mind.